In-Home Nursing & Personal Care Homes

In-Home Nursing & Personal Care Homes

00443920At no cost to you, All Care Nursing Services will help you discover your best choices for caring for your loved one or yourself, whether you need a caregiver due to illness, recovery, age, or disability.

Because our referral service was created by registered nurses with many years of experience, we know where to find the best, affordable help, whether you need a nurse to visit your home, adult day care or assistance, or a permanent move into assisted living or a hospice for the terminally ill. We can provide referrals at no cost to you because we are compensated by the caregiver or facility.

Here are some of the kinds of choices available…

In-Home Nursing Care

If staying at home is an option for you, we can recommend a registered nurse or caregiver who can visit you as often as needed. The assistance provided is tailored to you needs, including: medical help; rehabilitation after illness or injury; Alzheimer’s care;¬†assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting, and laundry; meal preparation; companionship; activities; shopping service; transportation to doctors, church any destinations.

Personal Care Homes

A personal care home lets you move into a regular neighborhood home where caregivers will assist you. You can have a private or semi-private bedroom, as well as enjoying a living room, family room, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms. You and the other residents have a more relaxed schedule that meets individual needs and desires. A homelike setting provides more quiet time which is important in this stage of your life. You may bring your own decor and furnishings to decorate your room. Most personal care homes have 3 to 6 residents.

MP900309139Assisted Living Communities

When you no longer wish to maintain your own home or cannot do so, moving permanently into an assisted living community is a wise choice if you wish for friendship with other residents, as well as having meals served restaurant-style, and entertainment amenities. It can take quite a bit or research and time to discover the best community at a cost you can afford that has an opening, so why not let us do all that searching for you, at no cost? We already know all the facilities and their staffs, so after learning from you your needs and budget requirements, we can efficiently return to you in a few days to take you on a tour of your best choices.


As you approach the end of your life, a hospice is the ideal place for caring for those who are terminally ill. Let us locate the best available location that can accommodate you.

Adult Day Care

Choices include dropping off your family member at a facility or caregiver’s home, or having a care giver come to your home. Care can be provide daily, or as needed. We can even provide occasional care when a family caregiver needs a day off or a vacation.

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